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Nescafe Dolce Gusto Capsule Coffee Machines: All Models Reviewed

Nescafé Dolce Gusto Capsule Coffee Machines: All Models Reviewed

I think it’s safe to say that 90% of the general populous has, at some stage, encountered one of those snazzy little Dolce Gusto machines – whether at home, at a meeting, in a friend or relatives house or even in the coffee aisle at a retailer for you to sample. And even I will admit that little piece of kitchen ware produces some pretty amazing coffee. So, which machine did you have your Dolce Gusto experience on? The Genio? Circolo? We review each machine of the Dolce Gusto range, the pro’s, the con’s and nitty-gritty. To make your life easier, we’ve put them in price order – lowest to highest 🙂

Single Serve Coffee Machines: Nescafe Jovia

Coming in a clear winner in terms of affordability, this little masterpiece is available in piano black, glossy white and cherry red; the water tank is a bit on the smaller side – coming in at 0.8 litres – keep this in mind when reviewing your daily usage of the machine. Anything more than two people may lead this little machine astray! Modern looking and easy on the eye, anything the Genio can do – the Jovia can do, too! But why the price difference? Remove the fancy finishings, like the chrome lever and LCD screen and you’re left with a basic (yet sleek) looking machine that has similar outputs – only difference is the aesthetic. If the product is more important than the design – consider this little baby – it sells for around R 1 300.00. Keep in mind it comes standard with only a one-year warranty and has no capsule bin – you will have to remove your spent capsule after each brew.

Single Serve Coffee Machines: Nescafe Mini Me

Nescafé sure does have one interesting design team! Also available in automatic red, white and grey, the Mini Me is at the upper end of the smaller machines. Priced at a reasonable R 1 650.00, the 0.8 litre tank should cover your needs of one or two people. Although lacking a capsule bin, this small machine’s adaptability and forward-thinking design make up for it’s minor shortfalls.

Single Serve Coffee Machines: Nescafe Genio

I can’t help but think of a penguin when I look at this machine (to clarify; penguins are great at keeping warm in winter – just like the coffee the Genio produces. Plus, they’re awesome little animals). Available in silver and piano black finishes, these little wonders can slot in perfectly to your budget at around R 1 900.00, into your kitchen and your colour scheme! With a two year warranty on your product, you can rest assured your coffee is sorted for a while yet. Coming standard with a steel drip and polished finishes, if your aim is a perfect hybrid of functionality, affordability and good looks – maybe go check this one out? Remember that the capsule bin is not a set feature of the Genio – meaning each brew requires a capsule removal before making your next cuppa. Also, the water tank capacity is just over 500ml – so if you’re looking for a machine for JUST YOU, look no further. Hubby, kids and mother-in-law big coffee drinkers? Either lock the machine away or carry on looking.

Single Serve Coffee Machines: Nescafe Circolo

Piano black, automatic silver and automatic red; take your pick! Slightly more pricey at around

R 2 500.00, the Circolo adds an aesthetic to a room that is undeniable and unmistakable. This unusual little beast comes standard with a capsule bin – meaning more time for you to enjoy your coffee without the hassle of added maintenance and cleaning. Your two year warranty ensures peace of mind that should anything go wrong, your back is covered. The unusual design and steel drip tray set this baby apart.

Single Serve Coffee Machines – An Overview of Things-You-Need-to-Know

All Nescafé Dolce Gusto Machines are compatible with retailed Nespresso capsules. You are guaranteed cafe quality coffee each and every time you press the magic little button. Yes, some machines have less polished finishings, and some higher; but really consider what is going to fit into YOUR lifestyle and budget. We already know they all come with a worldwide quality stamp – just go out and make yourself happy. Their capsule flavours are mind-blowing, ranging from regular Espresso’s all the way through to Caramel Latte’s. Mmmm, yummy!
As always, when investing in your desires and a coffee machine (they inter-lap more often than you think) – remember to take care after each use of your beloved Dolce Gusto. This helpful guide show-cases everything you’d need to know – from daily maintenance to de-scaling your machine.

We’d love to hear your Dolce Gusto stories! Did you get one as a gift recently, or have you had yours by your side for years? Let us know below 🙂

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