Nespresso On Ice South Africa

Nespresso On Ice South Africa Review – The Coolest Hot Limited Edition

Nespresso On Ice South Africa Review – The Coolest Hot Limited Edition

If your imagination has just leapt and bounded with thoughts of Disney Princesses ice-skating around a beautiful rink with a hot shot of Nespresso in their hand – well – we’ve got something even better.

Nespresso Capsule Machines are a feature in almost all South African (and global) homes; the neat machine fits beautifully into your needs, your home and of course, your budget.

I’m sure we can all agree that any coffee machine, not barring the Nespresso, has its limitations. Nespresso surely realised this and have introduced a limited edition of capsules – their Nespresso On Ice Range, and we’re here to whet your appetite!

Nespresso On Ice – What Is It?

Nespresso has specially crafted two limited edition coffee blends to deliver full refreshment and full coffee taste – on ice. They have a subtle acidity that enhances the refreshing sensation and developed aromatics that reveal themselves on ice – with an alluring promise that “one sip transports you to the Mediterranean sunshine.”

The two variants available in the Nespresso On Ice Range are:

  • Intenso On Ice

A rich, refreshing coffee with lingering roasted aromatics and some woody, cocoa notes.

  • Intenso On Ice Macchiato

A creamy refreshing coffee with roasted aromatics and some biscuits notes. 

How Do You Make Nespresso On Ice?

  • Add ice cubes troy pour favourite thermal glass or mug
  • Add your HOT, freshly brewed Nespresso On Ice coffee over the ice cubes. If you prefer a bit of an extra kick, add two shots or capsules’ worth of the Nespresso On Ice coffee.
  • Pour in either cold water or foamed milk, whichever will hit the caffeine spot for you.
  • Sip, enjoy and let the world be jealous. 

What Makes Nespresso On Ice Capsules So Special?

Intenso On Ice, described as a rich coffee blend with lingering roasted aromas and cereal notes, and Leggero On Ice, which is a milder coffee blend with fruity, well-balanced aromas and subtle lemony notes.

Nespresso Intenso On Ice:  The Intenso On Ice is described as a bold coffee specifically designed to provide an intense yet refreshing iced beverage at home. The flavour here is excellent, creating a full bodied coffee with a deeply roasted flavour. There’s no bitter aftertaste at all as these blends have been developed to curb the acidity when used with ice.

Nespresso Leggero On Ice: The Leggero On Ice has a milder flavour and is described as a mild coffee with a fruity and balanced aroma. The flavour is just delicious, with a natural sweetness and smoothness. Nop need to add sugar or sweetener to curb the bitterness, the Leggero On Ice is just perfection all on it’s own.

Why not get your hands on this exciting limited edition range from Nespresso? Just make sure you do it before the looming Winter months hit us!


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