Nestlé Coffee Vending Machines South Africa

Nestlé Coffee Vending Machines South Africa

Probably the most famous of all coffee vending machines in South Africa are Nestlé coffee vending machines. Almost all people have seen a Nestlé coffee vending machine in petrol station, office or convenience store.

The coffee vending machine most recognizable is probably the Lioness Vending machine,which can be identified by its red and black Nescafé insignia. Many years ago these were pretty much the only coffee vending machines on the market. They dispensed a variety of drinks such as milo, cappuccino and in some cases even soup

Today there is an updated range of Nescafe Vending Machines in South Africa as well as a lot of other vending suppliers who provide coffee vending machines either the same as Nescafé machines but with their own branding as well as alternative options from other manufacturers in Holland,Italy or Korea.

We personally love coffee vending machines and many of our customers don’t know how they lived without theirs. We foresee that one day all offices above a certain size will replace their urns and kettles with a much needed coffee vending machine

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