Nivona NiCr 670 CafeRomatica: A 2021 Review

Who doesn’t love reviewing a brand new coffee machine? We sure do. The thought of enjoying a warm cup of coffee while testing out the bells and whistles of a new machine should excite any coffee enthusiast, and with Nivona’s NiCr 670 CafeRomatica that is exactly the case.

The slightly lesser known brand than some others in the South African market, Nivona often has some tricks up their sleeves across their various coffee machine ranges. Whether that is the case today is yet to be determined, but we’re excited to try our hands at what looks to be one of the most practical machines in their range so far.

First Impressions

We can say that it looks to be very practical because of its simplistic design. Not always known for their “bells and whistles”, Nivona machines typically contain high quality parts that cater to specific functions, with the idea that these consistently offer a good product over the course of a longer period of time. The CafeRomantica comes in a beautiful black or silver design, a full colour touch screen and a steel coffee grinder. It’s the kind of machine that draws attention for its nostalgia, and the overall design will please minimalists who like to keep their kitchens in order even when they’re not expecting guests for a Sunday brunch. 

Practical Use

For a machine that looks fairly simple, it actually has more practical features than we initially imagined. While it was simple to figure out how to make a cup of coffee, we were somewhat taken aback by the ability to program the machine to remember a combination of different recipes given that the typical household will have members with contrasting tastes and preferences. The CafeRomantic offers various temperature choices, adjustable coffee strength levels, as well as an ECO mode that saves energy while it isn’t in use. We tried our hand at a cappuccino too (just to make sure it was as simple as it was to make a cup of ground coffee), and the machine delivered in a matter of seconds. 

Keeping Things Tidy

The CafeRomantic might be nice to look at and easy to use, but what about maintenance? As it turns out, the machine comes equipped with a hygiene-care programme that offers cleaning, descaling and rinsing at the mere touch of a button. The machine rinses any residue after each beverage that is prepared, showcasing an integrated maintenance option that few coffee machines in its range adds as a standard. In a world where everybody is strapped for time, and technology encourages us to spend as little time as possible on seemingly menial tasks, the NiCr 670 CafeRomatica acts as a helpful machine to leave you to the more important things in life. 

Final Verdict

As a whole, this Nivona machine is easy on the eyes, comes with a simple interface that offers various options, and thrives when asked to make different types of warm beverages. If you’re looking for a choice that offers minimal fuss, this is the machine to consider. The fact that it doesn’t offer multiple user profiles on the dash app does put somewhat of a damper on the overall experience of using the machine, but it comes with enough other control options to effectively cater to bigger households. The CafeRomantica is perfect if you’re looking for a dependable choice that offers great variety in terms of drinks choices. If you’re a first time coffee machine buyer, you can’t go wrong here.

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