Office Coffee Machine Battle: Philips vs. Jura

With offices slowly starting to open back up and restrictions being eased while the world gets used to the “new normal” as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s a good time to have a think about subtle ways to help keep the team motivated in the face of many new uncertainties to deal with on a daily basis. Office culture may take a knock as a result of new health restrictions, so ensuring you tick the boxes as an employer to keep everyone motivated and smiling involves having a think about the amenities your staff have access to. Perhaps it’s time to invest in a new coffee machine for the office, and if so, two Philips or Jura may be two front-of-mind brands to consider. Which is the better choice? 

The Philips Brand and Its Venture Into Coffee

Philips is a global brand that sells a range of trusted home appliances and electronics. The company has also ventured into the coffee machine space in the last five decades, releasing some formidable super-automatic machines like the 2000, 3001 and 4000 series respectively. Their newer machines even boast the ability to be operated by smart devices, providing up to 18 hot drinks. While there’s no denying that their range of coffee machines are good quality options, the one practical consideration you should keep in mind before buying them is price. While Philips is traditionally an affordable brand when it comes to electronics, their coffee machines tend to be in a higher bracket relative to competitors on the market.  

Jura and Its Value In The Coffee Industry

Jura on the other hand, is known for offering a high quality product at a more accessible price point. Their latest machines might not be as innovative as some of the Philips counterparts, but the company is known for providing some of the most durable machines on the market today. Customers who have bought Jura machines in the past appreciate the fact that these machines give a good return on investment in the extensive years of use typically attached to them. If you’re looking to impress your employees, and want some options for machines providing a series of different hot drink options, Jura has options in a variety of ranges for you to explore.

Deciding Between the Better Brand

While both Philips and Jura have their obvious pros, when it comes down to it, the decision of which brand to go with when buying a new coffee machine for the office depends on more than just the reputation of the company. The most important practical consideration to keep in mind is what your primary needs are, and then to explore options from both companies based on that. You could even run a quick email survey between your employees to find out exactly what they would prefer, especially as buying a new machine can be a costly exercise. 

A Place To Look If You Can’t Decide

If you’re still stuck and wondering which coffee machine to go with, you should think about reaching out to a company like Aquaspresso. They provide coffee machines from reputable brands and are typically on the pulse of the latest releases and trends within the industry. Better yet, they are one of the few companies offering rentals for coffee machines, which could be a big help if you’re having a hard-than-usual time with company cashflow in the wake of the pandemic. You’ll be thanking them for their help when you have a happy team of employees bonding over a (socially distanced) cup of coffee during their lunch break in the future. 

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