Quality Coffee Machines

Quality Coffee Machines – What To Look For

Quality Coffee Machines – What To Look For

A coffee machine is a financial investment, without a doubt. And who buys into a financial commitment without doing due diligence?

Here are the 6 most important things to look for in a coffee machine, whether you are renting, buying – or having your machine financed.

Fresh Bean Grinder

The majority of home automatic coffee machines come standard with a blade grinder. In most instances, this type of grinder lasts years, and is covered under the manufacturers warranty.

In bigger models and more expensive brands, we sometime see the use of ceramic grinders. While this has been a hot point of debate over the years  – modern technology has refined both types of grinders and had them stress-tested before using them in the coffee machine range.

Check out some reviews of the machine you’re interested in to see what type of grinder It uses, as well as if there are generally any complaints on the workings and lifespan of this vital piece of equipment. If you have any doubts, contact your supplier and ensure this is guaranteed as part of your agreement.

Milk Frother System

Coffee machines are used by many as a convenient luxury to make piping hot Cappuccino’s and Latte’s. When a machine, in any environment, is being used often for milk-based drinks, it’s important you not only like, but LOVE the consistency of the foam your machine can produce. Unlike grinders, if you are happy overall with your machine EXCEPT for the frother – you can always buy an add-on frother to “up” your froth game. Look for variations in types of milk frothers – like Jura’s Easy Fine Foam and Professional Fine foam frothers.

If your machine of choice houses an external milk canister, make sure it is easily detachable and easy to clean. Most manufacturers also allow for this to fall under the warranty, so if it is a concern, contact your supplier to ensure this insurance is in place.

Water Tank and Grounds Container

This is more of a concern for large-usage consumers or offices, because the size of these two items determines how frequently you will need someone to clean out and refill the coffee machine. A larger water tank allows for less frequent refilling, as does a grounds container (where your used coffee pucks are ejected into for collection and disposal). The smaller these are, the faster you will reach your machine capacity.

User Interface and Aesthetic

While this is usually at the top of people’s lists for things to look for when buying a coffee machine, it can sometimes be pushed to the back of the line. We have seen, in numerous occasions, that sometimes the aesthetic of the machine is inversely proportional to the output capabilities, and the price goes along with the aesthetic.

If the machine you’re looking for has more “good looks” than it does functional output, perhaps look at getting another machine. Brushed Chrome finishings and interactive displays usually sky-rocket the price unnecessarily, where a machine similar in size, with a higher output, will cost far less because it does not have “all the bells and whistles”.


If you’re buying a machine because you love Cappuccino’s, a filter coffee machine will not do. Always make sure your expectations are met by what the machine can and cannot do, before diving head-first into a financial commitment.

Ease of Maintenance

It’s easy to use, but is it easy to keep clean and in working order? Maintenance forms an enormous part in looking after your coffee machine, so look for things like non-removable brew groups (this makes cleaning 10 items easier, as it eliminates the need to remove it yourself and clean it).

Also look for things like automatic rinse functions, automatic de-scale and RFID enabled machines that will alert you when to change your water filter in the machine, as these all add up into he longevity of the machine.

What did you wish you knew before buying a coffee machine? Share your story and we could feature it in an upcoming post!

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