Rent to Own Coffee Machines: A Home Users Best Option

Rent to Own Coffee Machines: A Home Users Best Option

Advocating Rent to Own coffee machine structures has not always been at the top of everyone’s priority list, but we’ve come to realise the benefits of tailoring this solution specifically for home users. While larger companies find it relatively easy to purchase a coffee machine outright – both financially and in terms of maintenance – home users are an entire different “kettle of fish”.

The Pro’s of Rent to Own Structures

Unless you have an odd ten or so thousand rand lying around, waiting for a worthwhile cause, the chances are likely that you would need to pay a monthly instalment or save up for a coffee machine. If you manage to gather the funds, and decide to purchase a machine outright, you really need to do your homework. However, rent to own is one of the most uniquely simple ways of financing your coffee machine purchase. As a home owner, you pay a rental fee that amount that – on average – adds up to the regular repayment price that machine would have sold for in the first place. This is due to the fact that machine is a much lower cost that a commercial machine and as such – companies are far less inclined to overcharge during the repayment period. Make sure you do your financial research though, and always make sure you’re not overpaying for the product!

The Con’s of Rent to Own Structures

If you are buying a commercial coffee machine, in excess of (for example) R 50 000.00, many coffee companies could go so far as to double and sometimes even triple the repayment over the average three-year rental period, so that they inevitably make a profit from their sale.

Make sure the company you’re using offers the benefits of regular rentals – you could easily forfeit many of the advantages that come with renting a coffee machine, like backup service and maintenance, delivery of your coffee product to use inside that machine – and running the risk of the machine malfunctioning and you being left stranded without a machine for who knows how long. If the company does not offer these benefits, rental might still be a better option for you.

Buying vs Renting vs Rent to Own

Buying a coffee machine from a major retailer often times comes with a one or two year manufacturers guarantee; this is not only useful – it is very necessary. However, if there should be any kind of default with that machine – you are inconvenienced with having to take the machine back to the store you bought it from – waiting for it to then be sent back to the manufacturer – and again waiting for it to be repaired and returned to the store for you to collect. This could take anywhere up to a month – depending on the locality of the manufacturer. Remember that you’ll also be left with a gaping hole in your bank balance after having paid for that machine in full. Lastly, if you decide a few months down the line that your purchase was regrettable (for whatever reason) well; you’re stuck.

Renting coffee machines has been the most successful avenue for most users – increasing in popularity over the years. The reason for this? You get maintenance and support form your supplier, with the option of immediate exchange with another machine to tide you over whilst your machine is repaired. Similarly, rental structures usually have the added bonus of having the option to have coffee product delivered along with your machine, and topped up at your will. The biggest downfall? That machine – no matter how long you have been paying for it – will never, ever be yours.

Rent to own is therefore a beautiful hybrid of Buying and Renting; you have the flexibility of trying out a machine – and if it no longer meets your needs (months down the line) – the majority of companies will allow for a swap out machine. Yes, you’ll be paying for the machine monthly – probably the same amount you would pay for a monthly rental (with all the benefits that come with monthly rentals, too) – but – that beautiful baby is yours forever and ever as soon as you’ve paid it up in full!

The Aqua Mini Rent to Own Structure – Home Users

While rent to own might still no be the best possible solution for each and every customer – it’s undeniable that there is a market for it.

We now offer the Aqua Mini to home users on a rent to own structure; there are two possible structures you could sign up for – check it out here.

What do you get out of this? Service and maintenance is included = no downtime, coffee-less time of the annoyance of having to wait for your machine to be fixed. The flexibility of machine changes is always an option, should the machine no longer fulfil you needs.

Lastly, on the structures we have offered – your total repayment (for the machine – AND coffee beans) adds up to (roughly) the total outright purchase price for the machine alone (when calculated over the three year rent to own period).

So really, there’s nothing to loose. It’s nearly 2017 – it’s time to have a great coffee wherever you are.

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