Renting a coffee machine in South Africa

Renting a coffee machine in South Africa

Renting a coffee machine in South Africa

An increasing number of businesses and individuals have realised that renting a coffee machine in South Africa may be more beneficial than buying one. Not only does this reduce the price that you will pay per month, but it also gives you access to free maintenance and repair services.

Advantages to renting a coffee machine:

  • Cost savings on the machine: Coffee machines are expensive appliances. Instead of shelling out thousands of your hard-earned Rands, you can save a considerable sum of money by simply renting one.
  • Save money on refills: Renting coffee machines will also save you money when it comes to refills, maintenance and repairs, since these services are usually included in rental contracts. Reputable coffee machine suppliers use only the best and most popular products, like Jura coffee machines, which gives you access to top quality coffee at a fraction of the cost.
  • Time savings: It can be time-consuming to search for the right coffee machine that will cater to all your needs. Rental companies are experts in this department and will be able to recommend a machine that will work best for you or your business. Shopping for refills or taking a machine in for maintenance and repairs can be extremely time-consuming. Because rental companies provide all these services, it will free up a lot of your valuable time.
  • Hassle-free: Coffee machine suppliers, such as Aquaspresso, will take care of various aspects of managing your coffee machine, making this experience hassle free. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy a nice cup of coffee.
  • Peace of mind: If something where to go wrong, the problem can be easily fixed with a simple phone call to the rental company. If you rent a coffee machine, there will be minimal time spent without coffee since the machine will be quickly repaired on site or simply replaced.

Renting a coffee machine in South Africa is quick and easy and it can save you time, money and effort.


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