Rheavendors Coffee Machines Reviewed

Rheavendors Coffee Machines: Every Model Reviewed

Rheavendors Coffee Machines: Every Model Reviewed

You may or may not have heard of Rheavendors as a brand before- and for those who have not yet been exposed to it – Rheavendors is one of the largest international exporters of coffee machine solutions.

Their “modus-operandi” is that they produce various types of coffee machine solutions, which are sold on to retailers and distributors worldwide – where those resellers are allowed to re-brand the machine with their own branding.

The Rheavendors brand has gained notoriety over many decades, since it’s inception in 1960 with it’s first vending machine for – wait for it – gum-balls! My my how far they have come!

Now that we have a bit of an understanding of where they have come from – and how far they have come – let’s discuss each of their coffee vending machine solutions.

Rheavendors Coffee Vending Machines – Horeca Range

This range carries with it a sleek and modern design, with simple displays and easy-to-use functionality.

What is it’s stand-out feature? This range is able to dispense huge amounts of coffee per hour, without compromising on quality.

Below are the machines featured in Rheavendors Horeca Range.

1) Lio 2C

rheavendors coffee machine review lio 2c

A modern, slim-line instant coffee vending machine, the Lio 2C is a quiant vending machine. Suitable for larger area’s which require workhorse coffee machines which are easy-to-use, the 5-button display makes life decisions just that wee bit easier. Two internally-housed cannisters produce your basic drinks; four selections are available on the machine, and a rinse-cycle button makes maintenance a breeze. A great choice for the style and pocket conscious customer who wants coffee on tap and convenience to boot.

2) XX Micro

rheavendors coffee machine review xx micro

A solid looking machine, conceived for hotels, B & B’s, larger office areas and bars. Surprisingly compact, easy to maintain and use, this solution is both adaptable and reliable.
Although it only has six buttons, they are fully customisable and programmable through software available from Rheavendors. It does fall slightly short with only a 2.2 litre water tank, although this is easily overridden by plumbing the unit in to your existing water supply. Three internally housed canisters make for up to six drink selection options. An instant vending machine which cuts costs, but “ups” the aesthetic of it’s surrounds. Medium or smaller spaces, or those who want bean-to-cup quality best steer clear of this type of coffee machine solution.

3) Grandezza

rheavendors coffee machine review grandezza

Commanding attention from the outset, this machine’s stainless-steel finish and black display dominate any space. 8 drink selections and a dual spout make this the first real step-up in the Horeca instant vending range, too. It’s small screen display does take away form the aesthetically, although only slightly, when compared to the output of this monster. Great for first-time users and those who enjoy a quick and convenient cuppa.

4) Horeca Large 6P

rheavendors coffee machine review horeca large 6p

This is the real game changer in instant coffee vending. Equipped with Inox Livery, that is, Inox steel. The Horeca Large 6P is exceptionally reliable and easy to use. A range spanning 6 drink selections, the aesthetic appeal of this machine exceeds the others by far, by the simply introduction of a colour touch-screen display. Another huge improvement? You can dispense cup sizes, varying from cups, glasses, mugs and jugs! It takes less than a minute to dispense a full litre of coffee, so if that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about this machine, then I don’t know what will.

5) Horeca Large 380

rheavendors coffee machine review horeca large 380

Yet another well-suited machine for large area’s, the Horeca Large 380 provides 8 hot drinks at the touch of a button. It’s even suggested it’s well-suited to “touristic villages and mid-size communities” – an apt indication of how well this machine can perform in huge areas. The technology of this machine lies in the dispensing of drinks and maintenance of quality performance throughout the lifespan of the machine. Customisable drinks make this alluring and powerful. Two drinks served simultaneously means less time wasted getting coffee, and beats the dispensing time of the aforementioned Horeca Large 6P; it dispenses a litre of coffee in 20 seconds flat! An investment for larger complements who want to possible reduce costs and increase productivity.

6) CINO XS Grande Pro VHO

rheavendors coffee machine review cino xs grande pro vho

The ultimate hybrid of functionality, style and output, this beast has a drink selection spanning 10 options. It is also the first machine in the Horeco range to include coffee beans in it’s drink selection options, as well as instant! Perhaps not the most good-looking machine to be created, it is sleek and gets the job done. Perfect for those who want as many options available for a fraction of the cost of having either two machines installed, or sacrificing one for the other.

Rheavendors Coffee Vending Machines – OCS / Table Top

The most adaptable and customisable range of Rheavendors coffee vending solutions coffee machines. The compact design of this range allows you to use some of the machines in conjunction with another, which can offer you an entire free-standing refreshment station.

1) XX OC

rheavendors coffee machine review xx oc

The baby of the family, this is a well-suited choice for varied coffee options in smaller spaces. Great for fist-time users (because of its ease-of-use), the Instant Version may suit pockets a little better than the Espresso version.

– Espresso Version houses an internal whole-bean canister and two extra product canisters. It’s suggested to plumb this unit in, because it’s compact size does not allow for a large internally housed water canister; the capacity of the canister is 3.5 litres, which will not hold up too long.

– Instant version houses three product canisters and two mixing bowls. Mixing speeds can be varied and customised and there is an option to dispense only hot water; this allows you to provide tea bags and powdered soup to users. It is also suggested to plumb this unit in to allow for quicker usage.

It is also possible to install a coin payment system or cashless payment systems into this machine, such as tokens, cash cards and a key system.

2) Cino eC

rheavendors coffee machine review cino eC

The back-light panel lends an aesthetic boost to the otherwise ordinary looking coffee machine. Also available in two versions, the Instant and Espresso variants, 8 drink options are guaranteed with both. An LED bar lights up the drink dispensing cycle and brightens up the dispensing area.

The machines are available in stand-alone or plumbed-in options, and will be adapted according to your application area and personal preference. Mixers and boilers are automatically flushed and washed at the touch of a button. Audit data collation is easily obtained for those who are focussing on cost control.

The Espresso version contains two product canisters and one mixing bowl, as well as a coffee bean canister.

The Instant coffee version houses up to 4 product canisters and three mixing bowls.

From these two minor differences, we can already see the major differences in output of the machines, and which is suited better to whom.

Looking for a small sized, yet cost effective solution of less expensive coffee for larger groups? Instant vending may be your fit. Cost effective solutions with a slightly higher price tag, and bean-to-cup quality on your priority list? Consider the Espresso version.

Last but not least, the energy saving feature of both of these machines allows the machine to switch to standby mode and maintain temperatures when not in use.

3) Cino XS Grande

rheavendors coffee machine review cino xs grande vending

The big daddy of the table top family, this coffee vending machine offers two variants – the Instant as well as Bean vending options. Both dispensing 10 drink options, you’re sure to find a one-stop coffee solution right here. It houses two brewing systems: Espresso with coffee beans freshly ground (for a creamy espresso coffee) or Instant – a mix of instant coffee and other instant products in 12-15 seconds, to create a typical Italian cappuccino or a dense and creamy chocolate.
Ease of use on this machine is guaranteed with it’s stylish touch-screen display. A 3.5 litre water canister is available, as well as the option to plumb the machine into existing water units.

Energy saving and available with varied payment systems, this would be an excellent choice for those in search of a powerhouse coffee machine solution, catering to every type of coffee taste.

Rheavendors Coffee Vending Machines – Free Standing

Rheavendors’ free-standing machines are perfectly suited to any setting, whether it’s a workplace break room, a school cafeteria or a heavily trafficked public venue.

This range spans over snacks, cold drinks and hot drinks (coffee) – so – staying true to our destination – we will focus solely on the coffee vending machines available in this range.

1) Caffé Europa

rheavendors coffee machine review caffe europa

This machine is responsible for the introduction of the two-size cup container (to the lower cost coffee market) to offer a real, Italian espresso drink in a smaller cup.

The modern, clean and sleek design entices you to have a closer look; the 16 selection buttons are programmable, including two pre-selected, adjustable sugar dispensing buttons. This is a revolutionary step for coffee vending machines.

Again, this range comprises of two separate variants – the instant vending and bean vending.

The espresso version (bean vending) can accommodate 5/6 product canisters as well as a coffee bean canister.

The instant version offers up to 7 product canisters and 4 mixing bowls. A valveless pump system means problems caused by lime-scale are minimized.

With a machine of this size, maintenance can be an area of concern. The energy-saving features include programmable on/off times to keep the machine at an energy saving stand-by temperature when inactive and ow voltage LED’s to minimize consumption.

This may be a great machine to consider when it is applied to a considerably large environment, such as conference halls, large training centre of perhaps even the reception of a large corporation. Perhaps a solution to avoid when volumes of users fall into a category which can be catered for with a table-top vending machine.

2) Caffé Europa Multimedia

rheavendors coffee machine review caffe europa multimedia

A more innovative version of the Caffé Europa, with a 26cm LCD screen to watch videos or provide nutrition information about the products and more. Better suited to those who want a little more emphasis on the good looks of this coffee vending machine.

3) Luce X2

rheavendors coffee machine review luce x2

Available in instant and Espresso options, both variations are capable of dispensing 24 drink options. One more step-up from the Caffé Europa, especially in the “looks” department.

4) Sagoma Luce

rheavendors coffee machine review sagoma luce

A welcoming, modern and elegant design make this coffee vending machine a stunner. As with most of the free standing vending machines we have seen, it is also available in tow variants – instant and bean vending; both of which are able to dispense 16 drink options.

Variable sugar dispensing is another handy feature. Ease of use goes without saying.

A stylish piece to add to your reception area or pause area for considerably large usage amounts.

5) Luce

rheavendors coffee machine review luce

This piece of work was designed by Angelo Micheli (De Lucchi Studio) holds 18 selectable drink options, along with the now renowned sugar dosage buttons.

Instant and Espresso options are best suited to various environments, depending on the quality of coffee required. A 20 litre water canister will take you quite far. A great option for those seeking more output, as opposed to a more aesthetically advanced machine.

6) Luce Publico

rheavendors coffee machine review luce publico

Twelve drink options in both the Instant as well as Espresso options, this machine has a dark and alluring aesthetic.
Most of the free standing models discussed, including the Luce Publico, have cooling units for cold beverage options, FBT Modules (for tea leaves) as well as cup sensors.

The major differences between free standing come down to to major deciding factors: Instant VS Vending and aesthetic.

7) Sagoma Milano

rheavendors coffee machine review sagoma milano

Compact and essential might be the best way to describe this coffee vending machine. 12 programmable drink options in both the instant and Espresso vending options, some of the bells and whistles have been removed to make way for functionality on this machine.

Rheavendors have unreservedly made an impact on the coffee vending machine market, and from the looks of it, have their bases covered. In summary of the categories – and what I’ve deduced – the deciding process is already quite simplified:

Horeca Range is designed for high-quality output in smaller environments; each various model has varied output and aesthetic – and depending on the application you wish to use the coffee machine in, you can decide from that range.
OCS / Table Top Range aims to satisfy the slightly larger complement, in various styles, sizes and functionality.

Free Standing Vending Machines are game-changers in the sense of quantity merging with quality. Large enough to service major environments, but small enough and feature-rich to optimise usage.

With over 5 decades of experience in the vending machine business, Rheavendors can be considered an established brand, with their goals in the sky and their feet on the ground. Have a look on the next coffee vending machine you see, if you can spot the original Rheavendors branding.

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