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Rooma A9 Office – Coffee Machines Everyone Will Want To Use

Rooma A9 Office – Coffee Machines Everyone Will Want To Use

The word “Rooma” conjures up an image of either a very upbeat dance one does on a Saturday night – or a vacuum cleaner that whizzes around your house picking up messes you didn’t know you had created. But I’m about to change your entire perception of that name – welcome the Rooma A9 Office Coffee Machine to your world.

Rooma A9 Office Coffee Machine Specifications

As with any coffee machine – we all want to know about the numbers and what the machine can actually do. You’ll be glad to know this bean to cup beauty can make all your favourites, like Espresso, regular coffee, cappuccino, latte’s – and it also has a separate hot water spout for top-ups and to provide tea-drinkers with a good enough reason to at least be able to use the coffee machine 🙂

This compact machine weighs a meagre 13kg – putting in the league of demanding attention, but not being too much of a presence.

A nifty feature of this machine that is not common on all fresh milk coffee systems is the outlet spouts; see, you have two outlets for your coffee product, two for milk froth and two for hot water. This entirely eliminates the risk of having hot water contaminated with coffee, or your coffee spout tainted with milk froth residue (your Espresso lovers and coffee purists will thank you for this later).

The 300g bean hopper is excellently proportional to the water tank size and makes this a great fit for a medium sized office, who enjoy both milk and pure coffee drinks.

The aesthetic of this machine is perhaps more intriguing than the drink selection it presents; this machine has a central, non-adjustable coffee spout which allows for a 13cm cup to fit comfortably underneath. The machine has a sleek, piano-black or pure white design that would compliment any modern or classic office set-up.

The ease of use for this coffee machine is unbelievable – one modern looking touch screen system that allows you to select your drink of choice from an easily decipherable location. The on/off switch is entirely separate – which means any nervous “newbies” won’t accidentally switch off the machine mid-operation.

There is an additional height-enhancing base, which allows the same machine to be suitable in an environment which requires a “larger” machine presence – without adding a hefty price tag. Speaking of space – this machine has a total dimension of 270mm x 495mm x 440mm.

Rooma A9 Office Coffee Machine Price

How much is this going to set you back? In the region of about R 10 000.00 R 12 000.00 to buy.

So, who is the Rooma A9 a good fit for?

If your criteria for a coffee machine for your office fits the description below – then this might just the perfect machine for you:

Compact, modern design coffee machine.

Easy-to-use, touch screen interface which allows new and old users to get the best from this machine.

A fresh milk solution which incorporates freshly ground coffee beans.

A coffee machine that is well-priced for what it does – and is not necessarily the absolute best of the best quality.

However, if you answer yes to pretty much any of the questions below, I would suggest considering other options first before buying or renting a Rooma A9.

Looking to save money on your monthly office coffee spend.

Looking for a machine that is capable of making hot chocolate, moccachino’s and flat whites speciality drinks.

A machine that is going to need to “wow” guests; granted, this machine is by no means “not good looking” – but in comparison to some other machines, the wow factor might need to be upped to suit your needs.

Looking for a solution that can produce large quantities of coffee, in a short space of time, on a daily basis. This machine is geared towards a small office usage, and placing it under undue pressure will simply shorten the lifespan of the machine.

Tell us what you think of the Rooma A9!

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