Lirika vs Odea Go vs Minuto

Saeco Lirika vs Saeco Odea Go vs Saeco Minuto – Saeco Coffee Machines Review

Saeco Lirika vs Saeco Odea Go vs Saeco Minuto – Saeco Coffee Machines Review

We usually like to compare apples with apples; this will be no different – except that some apples have stalks, while others have a shinier finish – but at the end of the day? Still apples.
We’re going to do a quick overview of three of the most popular Saeco Automatic Coffee Machine Models; the Lirika, the Odea Go and the Minuto.

Saeco Lirika Review


Saeco Lirika


  • Price: Approximately R 20 000.00
  • One Touch Cappuccino Machine
  • “Pinless Wonder“ Cappuccinatore frother
  • Ceramic coffee grinder
  • Pre-brew infusion system
  • 3-colour graphic display with transparent buttons
  • 2.5 litre water tank
  • 500g bean hopper
  • Dimensions: 215mm (w) x 370mm (h) x 429mm (d)
  • Weight: 8 kg
  • Dark grey colour
  • Grounds container puck capacity: 15 pucks
  • Adjustable coffee strength
  • Special feature: 14cm latte glass actually fits under the spout

Saeco Odea Go Review


Saeco Odea Go


  • Price: Approximately between R 7 000.00 – R 10 000.00
  • One Touch Cappuccino Machine
  • “Pannarello frothing wand” (also known as turbo-froth wand) which doubles up as a hot water spout – both a good and bad thing. Ensure the wand is “purged” after milk frothing to ensure no residue makes its way into your water.
  • Ceramic grinder – it will never rust.
  • 1.5 litre water tank
  • 180g Bean Hopper
  • Dimensions: 290mm (w) x 370mm (h) x 385mm (d)
  • Weight: 8kg
  • Dark grey colour
  • Grounds container puck capacity: 14 pucks
  • Stainless steel boiler – single boiler – you cannot make Espresso and Milk Froth simultaneously.
  • Adjustable drip tray – allowing a latte glass to be used under the spout.
  • No programmable settings. Though you can choose your grind settings and strength of your coffee, you can’t program and save your settings.

Saeco Minuto Review


Saeco Minuto



  • Price: Approximately R 10 000.00
  • One Touch Cappuccino Machine
  • Carafe Milk Canister for easy storage of milk
  • Ceramic grinder
  • 1.8 litre water tank
  • 250g Bean Hopper
  • Dimensions: 215mm (w) x 330 (h) x 429 mm (d)
  • Weight: 7.2kg
  • Black and grey colour finishings
  • Grounds container puck capacity: 15 pucks
  • Programmable Special Drinks – including Latte’s.
  • Hot water dispensed from the machine.
  • Stand out feature: The milk carafe lends and air of convenience not offered by any of these two other machines we have reviewed. Pop it out at the end of the day and store it in your fridge; no more sour milk.

Saeco Lirika vs Saeco Odea Go vs Saeco Minuto – The Verdict

All of these machines are One-Touch capable; some look better than others, some have added features for more of a cost whilst others have a lesser price tag for excluded features. What remains the same is that all three machines contain a non-rusting, ceramic coffee girder; all have a latte option, and all of these three machines contain a removable brew group. All are well suited for a home environment, and while some smaller offices can make great use out of this machine be careful not to “overwork it”.


Choosing between the three can be the most challenging aspect, here. Firstly, look at your budget. No point on going for any of the higher range models if you simply afford it.

Secondly – functionality. If you want a machine that can dispense – for example – froth AND coffee simultaneously, maybe don’t opt for the Odea Go – because it does not have that functionality.


If I were to be looking for the best middle ground between these machines – the Saeco Minuto has to win – in my opinion. It combines the good looks and functionality of the Lirika (barring water tank difference of 700ml – and the Lirika has a slightly better looking screen display) as well as the economical pricing of the Odea.

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