saeco pico baristo review

Saeco Pico Baristo Review

Saeco Pico Baristo Review

The Saeco Pico Barista is ideally designed for small office and home usage. It’s not a massive machine, it is industry-standard in terms of it’s size with the 1.8 litre water tank and a 250 gram bean hopper. The aesthetic of this machine is modern and sleek in it’s design, with a brushed-chrome finishing on the milk carafe.

Saeco Pico Baristo Con’s

The value or “returns” you can expect from this machine are considerable low. It’s a bit more expensive than some other Saeco models – such as the Saeco Lirika and the Saeco Minuto – which are both quite a bit cheaper than their Pico Baristo counterpart – and pretty much do the same thing.

Like with all Saeco machines, the brew group is removable – meaning the user is made responsible for the weekly maintenance of this component. Consider this when you rent or buy this type of machine as it will undoubtedly require more attention in this respect than more specialty coffee machines, like Jura’s.

Again in terms of value, if we compare the Pico Baristo against Saeco Minuto or the Saeco Lirika, all  of these machines offer something different, and in some cases better,, other cases worse. The Saeco Lirika, for example, has a bigger water tank, a bigger bean hopper, and is cheaper. The Saeco Minuto has very similar features, but also retails for far less. The aesthetic is really what defines this machine in it’s category of small office and home automatic coffee machines.

Saeco Pico Baristo Pro’s

This machine isn’t all bad!

We previously mentioned that when compared to the Saeco Lirika and the Saeco Minuto, it doesn’t actually give a lot more. But one thing the Saeco Pico Baristo does offer is modern, sleek styling and aesthetics. It’s a much cleaner finish than some previous Saeco models, so if you’re after something that looks amazing, this might be worth getting.

This machine  also contains a self-cleaning milk system, which is somewhat of a rarity for a machine in this price range. When you’ve done your frothing for your cappuccino and your lattes, it performs its own process, using the water and steam to clean the milk circuit – preventing unwanted build up and residue left behind – so cleaning this machine as a whole is pretty simple (aside from the brew group maintenance that is required).

Saeco Pico Baristo Price

Retailing in the range pf R 12 500.00, this machine is well priced for what it can deliver.

In conclusion – if you are a small office or home user who wants stylish convenience and doesn’t mind performing daily and weekly maintenance, then this could be a great solution for you. However, those looking for a well-priced bargain or a large output machine might be better off continuing their search.



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