saeco poemia

Saeco Poemia Review

Saeco Poemia Review

Saeco has become such a well known Coffee Machine brand that we have almost set an expectation when looking around at newer models, to see bigger, better, more feature-filled models being released into the market.

But then Saeco goes and blows us all out the water by bringing in machine that is neither bigger, more feature-filled – but instead, more compact, sleek and accommodating of a more hands-on preparation.

The Saeco Poemia is the best possible introductory machine if you want to be the “Barista Behind The Brew” and you’re looking for some experience – this machine is a breeze to use and easy to understand from the word “Go”.

Saeco Poemia Espresso Machine

The defining factor of Espresso Machines is the absence of an internal grinder and brew group; it’s spotted easily by the presence of a porta-filter and – if it’s a cappuccino machine – the presence of a steaming wand for the milk.

What makes the Saeco Poemia special is the pressurized porta-filter, one of the main reasons this is a great starting point for Barista’s or home users looking to gain experience. The pressurized porta-filter means you need not worry about the scientifically-perfect tamping of your coffee grounds. See, the brewing chamber itself is pressurized, meaning a perfect “pull” from whatever level of grind you’ve used on your beans. Already know your way around grind coarseness? You can opt for a non-pressurized porta-filter then, too!

One of the features that impressed me most, and might comfort those who are afraid of damaging their machine, is the built-in safety feature of the “quick recovery boiler” – meaning that if the machine runs dry during use – it will automatically shut-off, saving you the heartache and financial setback that could come from a burnt-out boiler.

The Panarello steam wand is easy to use, automatically heating up to the optimal temperature to froth your milk perfectly every time.

The standard cup-warmer and user-friendly layout means that this machine is a breeze to use from the very beginning.

Is The Saeco Poemia The Right Machine For Me?

We’ve painted quite a rose-shaded picture of this little monster – but in all honesty – it’s just not the right fit for anyone.

See, if you’re someone who appreciates a bold and modern aesthetic- it’s not your answer. This machine has no fancy lights, screens or exceptionally futuristic features.

It’s a small machine aimed at home users who appreciate the coffee making process from beginning to end. This machine will not be able to handle large volumes – so for an office environment of over 5 people, it could spell disaster.

While it is very easy to use, it may still be intimidating and tricky to use in places such as a reception area, where people who are not often exposed to coffee machines are expected to operate it themselves.

Looking for a quick “in-‘n-out” type of coffee solution which can save you money? Also not your best bet.

If you ARE looking for a small machine for your home, where you can fully immerse yourself into the passion that is preparing a fresh cup of coffee, and you like the occasional milk-based coffee drink – this might be just the solution for you!

Saeco Poemia Pro’s and Con’s

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  • Easy to use, simple layout
  • Pressurized porta-filter means no need for expert-level tamping of the coffee grounds
  • Compact removable water tank: this may be a pro and a con – depending on your specific needs. It’s an advantage in terms of ease of maintenance, cleaining and usage, and disadvantaged in terms of refilling it if you require a larger volume from the machine.
  • Easy-to use steam wand
  • Cup warmer

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  • No one-touch functionality: we may be used to the ultimate convenience of one-touch functionality at the office: this is definitely not the case – it requires a certain “human factor input” and moving of the cup from the coffee extraction spout, and addition of separately steamed milk
  • The porta-filter is magical in the sense of it making use of the pressurized brewing chamber, but the puck to remove is quite messy after extraction.
  • Plain design means no fancy extras – it’s not going to win a design award, but it will win in functionality every time.

Saeco Poemia Price

Value for money is evident here – retailing for only R 2 399.00 , this manual coffee machine will fit as snugly into your monthly budget as it will into that small nook of your kitchen.

Bear in mind you will need some extras with this machine – like a quality bean grinder, a steaming pitcher as well as a knock-box for those messy grounds we previously mentioned – which can easily add up to another +/- R 1 500.00.

Saeco Poemia South Africa – Where to Find Them – R 2 399.00 – R 2 399.00

We’d love to hear about your experience with the Saeco Poemia!

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