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Schaerer Coffee Machine Dealer List 2019:

Schaerer Coffee Machine Dealer List 2019:

When it comes to buying something that is going to set you back quite a bit, its important that you feel comfortable spending your money.
This comfort will only come with a trusted brand, offering high-quality products at reasonable prices with decent after sales service, making you feel like you made the right choice spending your money.

Schaerer is a coffee machine company that was founded in Berne, Switzerland in 1892.
They manufactured their first coffee machine for commercial use in 1924, debuted a bean-to-cup machine in 1977
and introduced their first automatic cappuccino machine in 1997.
They have really been in the business for a while and it’s safe to say they are veterans in the industry. With about 95 years of experience, Schaerer has certainly had the opportunity to manufacture only the best coffee machines, making them a choice you cannot go wrong with.

schaerer coffee art5 companies where you can purchase a Schaerer coffee machine:

Nexus are a leading supplier of coffee machines to the hospitality and catering industries.
Yes, you’ll be able to find your Schaerer coffee machine here.
They have a respectable after-sales service including installations, on-site services and warranties all aimed at improving customer satisfaction. They have offices situated in Pretoria and Cape Town too.

Contact: +27123466319 (PTA) and +27215526669 (CT)

Coffee Unplugged:
Based in Sandton Johannesburg, Coffee Unplugged are an owner-managed business with a wide selection of coffee machines, including the Schaerer range.

Contact: 011 440 4810

Ciro is the largest manufacturer of pure coffee in South Africa.
They are a true coffee emporium, of course offering the latest Schaerer coffee machines from one of their 9 branches.

Contact: 011 287 6700

62 Waters:
Situated in Centurion, 62 Waters is a water and coffee company much like Aquaspresso that stock and sell Schaerer coffee machines.

Contact: 012 653 6096

Coffee Solutions:
Based in Cape Town, Coffee Solutions are your partner in corporate hot beverage solutions in the Western Cape and they offer a variety of coffee machine brands.
Go visit their website and chck out their Schaerer collection.

Contact: 0861 942 533

At Aquaspresso, we understand that finding a machine that best suits you is a timeous task and searching through the web for different options is often unproductive. That’s why we have compiled this list for you so that you can make the right choice when it comes to coffee.

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