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Important Things to Consider

Before you Rent a Coffee Machine

Coffee machine rental prices are a little more complicated than just a single price. We discuss a few points below to help you understand how we arrive at our pricing model and are all very important to consider when renting a coffee machine.

Buy or Rent?

Rental is best for volume, no upfront investment and includes maintenance plan with machine swop out for volume increases or faults. Buying is best for limited cups and if you prefer ownership. The cost of the coffee remains the same whether you rent or buy a machine.

Rental Term

Long term contracts are out today. We only offer short term 12 month contracts, and you have the option to cancel at any time in the first 30 days.

Buying the Products

Coffee is our business. Ask us anything about the coffee machines and coffee products as we consider ourselves coffee solution experts. We supply coffee products with free delivery in major centres and consumption heavily discounts your monthly rental cost, including free servicing.

Flexible Options

Let’s face it, things change. Clients can change their minds, would like to change machines or decide they want to purchase a different machine. We firmly believe in the importance of flexibility.

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