Starbucks vs. Jura Coffee Machines

Starbucks vs. Jura Coffee Machines

Two leading coffee machine brands go head to head today, to figure out which machine will be best for your restaurant or business. Starbucks is an international brand that has crept into the South African market over the last couple of years. Jura has been supplying high quality machines for many years, with their machines being renowned for price and versatility. Today we’ll explore both, taking a look at their ranges, and ultimately deciding which would be best for you to consider for your commercial entity. 

Starbucks Coffee Machine Range

While marketed as a “hands on” experience, with baristas grinding the coffee and preparing your purchase with care on consideration, the truth of the matter is that Starbucks has been using a Swiss company called Thermoplan for all their automatic machines over the past twenty years. These machines are found all over the world. While the Mastrena, the primary model that Starbucks uses in its stores, is not available for public purchase, they do have other options that are available online, including the Black&White3, Black&White4 and Black&White 4 compact. These machines are exquisitely designed, come packed with loads of features thanks to advanced touch display, and provide you with the opportunity to “personalise each cup” based on the needs of your business.

Jura Coffee Machine Range

Jura Coffee Machines may not be on the same level in terms of features and functionality, but they are also pristinely designed, with each model catering to very specific needs of their consumers. Their range, which includes the F8, F9 and the breathtaking XS9, is perfect for any business needing high output and a quality cup each time. Jura has established itself as a trusted brand in South Africa over the last few years, and where their machines lack in functionality, they make up for them in how they are designed, and better yet, how affordable they are. These machines are great too if you’d like to do a test run first, and companies like Aquaspresso allows you to rent them before you buy them, which is a first in its industry. 

Picking a Winner Between The Two

It’s clear that both the Thermoplan and the Jura coffee machine ranges are hard to distinguish from each other in terms of design. Both provide models that are sleek, sophisticated and easy to operate. There is no doubt that the Thermoplan range provides more features on their machines, so they are a better consideration if your business depends on the output of coffee, but conversely, it’s important to remember that it also makes their machines a lot more expensive than the Jura range. Thermoplan offers you with great variety between machines, but you’ll need to be willing to foot the bill in order to do so. Jura machines come in at a quarter of the price, are easier to source, and also allow for local maintenance. Depending on your needs, either of the machine ranges could work for you, so start by taking a look at what is most practical for the business, before exploring the individual models. Regardless, you’ll definitely find what you need between these two brands. Happy hunting!

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