The Best Coffee Beans

The Best Coffee Beans

The Best Coffee Beans

If you are like us, you are constantly on the lookout for the best coffee beans. The best coffee blend is often a secret recipe consisting of the best coffee beans from each region.

So what makes coffee beans good or bad? The quality of coffee beans has a lot to do with where the beans are grown. A general rule of thumb is, coffee beans which are grown somewhere within the equatorial belt at high altitudes (above 3000 metres) and grown in the wild ( not in a pesticide full farm) are the best.

And the perfect bean is largely based upon the combination of soil quality and climate.  If you are like most people you will undoubtedly say “Brazil”. It’s true, Brazil is the biggest producer of coffee beans by a long way. It accounts for a whopping one-third of all coffee bean production in the world. Its climate is ideal for coffee bean production. It’s no wonder they hold top spot. But, do they make the best bean?

Ironically, coffee bean production did not start in Brazil. It actually began in Ethiopia. Even though they can still be seen there they’re popularity has spread. Today you can find coffee beans being produced in many countries throughout the free world. Matter of fact, there are now about seventy some countries officially growing coffee beans. Unfortunately, only a few of these countries actually have the most ideal situation for producing beans of a high quality. Aside from Brazil, some of the most popular destinations for coffee bean production are Columbia, Indonesia, Hawaii and Mexico.

If you have ever had Hawaiian coffee beans, you probably will swear up and down that it is the best in the world. Well you could be right. Even though they don’t produce large quantities Hawaii’s volcanic ash, large amounts of rainfall and hot sweltering sun create the perfect environment for production. There is, also, probably something to the small quantities they produce.

Lastly, a very popular place that could possibly win the best coffee bean award would have to be Indonesia. The countries humid climate is ripe for perfect growth. Also, they have taken the production of coffee beans to new heights. They use very advanced technologies that help them grow coffee beans in remote places like Java and Sulawesi.

So the truth is there many great coffee beans around today and to identify the best coffee beans of the lot is no easy task and a great way to get into a friendly argument.

However our search continues and as soon as we find the undisputed world champion we will certainly let you know 🙂

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