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The Biggest Coffee Trends in 2022

2022 is here, and with it comes a string of new coffee trends that will have baristas-in-training and caffeine lovers enthralled all year. The coffee and tea market continues to be a growing one (averaging at a 9% increase globally, expected to reach nearly $200 billion by 2023), in spite of the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re keen to try some of the biggest coffee trends in the new year, the Aquaspresso team has got everything you need to know right here to get going. 

Coffee Tourism: The Way of the Future

With people itching to travel again after two long years of pandemic life, coffee tourism is set to have a major boost in 2022. Millennials are known for appreciating experiences, and travelling to a prime destination to try the local coffee is usually high up on the to-do list. People will be looking for authentic experiences and to try unique coffees wherever they go. This creates new opportunities for coffee shops and cafes to set themselves apart from their competitors, and to rake in those much-needed five star Google reviews in the process. Presentation is important too, as people still love sharing these experiences with their online followers and close confidantes. 

Canned and Bottled Coffee?

It might sound a bit strange, but experts predict that canned and bottled coffee is set to become a “thing” going into 2022 and beyond. Our society is constantly on the go, and neighbourhood markets are starting to capitalise on this by providing more than one option for take-aways when people are out and about over the weekends. These may even end up in petrol station shops, vending machines and elsewhere. Technology is changing fast too, and some time in the future consumers might even be able to buy coffee and give it a good shake in order to warm it up. 

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Nespresso Spinning Pods

Nespresso has taken the coffee world by storm over the last few years, and more recently the brand has unveiled the Vertuo Plus, a machine that takes their traditional pods to the next level. The technology used by this particular coffee machine features spinning pods, which are designed to extract even more flavour from every capsule being used. Rather than forcing hot water through a still standing pod, the Vertuo Plus allows for even distribution of liquid through a new spinning process, which also allows for an even bigger cup of coffee than the older models are able to provide. 

Unique Blends of “Healthier” Coffees

People are always on the lookout for healthier choices, especially if they’ve recently started a new diet, or simply want to get back into shape after the various lockdowns everyone has had to endure. “Healthier” coffee blends are starting to gain popularity, including options that reduce fat by incorporating soy milk or collagen creamers. Coconut oil is another addition to traditional brews that is meant to help improve gut health and boost metabolism. Any coffee that supports the immune system also gets the all-clear from our team. Look out for more of these heading deeper into the new year.

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