Three Secret Jura Settings To Make Your Coffee Perfect

Three Secret Jura Settings To Make Your Coffee Perfect

Three Secret Jura Settings To Make Your Coffee Perfect


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Perfect coffee is never far off when you use a Jura – but I’m about to let you in on a few “tricks of the trade” if you will. We already know that you either love or hate coffee – and judging by the fact that this article got your interest piqued, I’m going to guess you do love coffee. Now the question is – HOW do you like your coffee? Let’s see what three things you can change on your Jura coffee machine to get the best possible cup out of it each time.

Change Your Grinder Settings Your Jura Coffee Machine

grinder setting


Your grind level is one of the most influential factors in how bitter your coffee is brewed. But what if I told you that the bitter-taste is a by-product of whole aroma extraction? See, the longer your ground-up coffee is in contact with water, the longer it is able to extract as much flavour as possible. Jura has their patented I.P.B.A.S (Intelligent Pr-Brew Aroma System) which adds a certain amount of water to the coffee before it is brewed. Similarly, their P.E.P (Pule extraction Process) is the modern take on that technology – allowing for the same amount of extraction in half the time, by rapidly shooting through heated water into your ground coffee.

Now, no matter how far advanced Jura is with their technologies, there is no denying that the fine-ness (or coarseness) of your coffee grind level really is what determines the strength of your cup of coffee.

Be sure that your machine has pre-selected a product to make, and while it is grinding – change the setting. The setting of the fine-ness of your coffee grind can be adjusted by the rotary-style graded dial located (usually) next to your bean hopper, and is graded from fine to coarse. The finer you set the grind, the more aroma (including bitterness) will be present in your final product. The coarser the grind, the less aromatic your brew.

Play around with grind sizes and see how much the flavour of your coffee changes each time, and find the one you love best.

Jura Coffee Machine Aroma Level



Now that you have experimented with your coffee grind level and (hopefully) figured out your “flavour”, let’s chat about the aroma settings.

Aroma settings are indicated by a display of coffee beans under the “Aroma” profile in your machine settings – displayed on-screen as opposed to by a dial or button. The aroma indicates how strong the coffee will be by means of how much coffee is ground up. Usually you have a choice of between 1-5 strength settings, so I suggest starting at the lowest level and working your way up gradually.

Note that in a case of the Jura XS9 – you can only make these settings per single cup – i.e. – if you select “Espresso” as the product – you can change the setting. A double Espresso (or Espressi) will then have that same aroma level setting, but simply dispense double the amount.

Water Heat Level Settings on a Jura Coffee Machine

settings dial


This preference may be individual, but generally speaking, European countries tend to opt for the lower to mid level heat settings, whereas countries such as South Africa etch towards the near-scalding temperature preferences.

Whereas the coffee grind levels and aroma settings directly influence the taste profile of your coffee – adjusting the water heat levels is solely a personal preference. While it does not alter the taste of your coffee, it does allow for a greater satisfaction level when drinking it – so adjust accordingly., The water heat level settings are usually also located within an on screen menu and are not adjustable by a dial or button (this helps to keep the setting saved and not accidentally overridden by new users).

What other tips and tricks do you have for getting an even better cup of coffee from your Jura?

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