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Troubleshooting your Jura E8: Jammed Drip Tray and Empty Grounds Error

Troubleshooting your Jura E8: Jammed Drip Tray and Empty Grounds Error


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The Jura range has recently introduced the E-range of coffee machines to it’s home and small office offerings; the E8 is one of the first of their range to be Bluetooth and JURA App compatible, and offers an impressive variety of drinks – from Ristretto’s to Latte’s.

Chances are, you’ve saved up for a while to afford to buy this machine, or you’re paying a reasonable amount each month to rent it from a supplier. So what happens if you take care of your machine, and one day come across a niggling error that just WON’T go away?!

You read this blog. Or, you can watch this video.

Jura Empty Grounds Error

If you have emptied out your grounds container (located as a separate piece within your drip tray area) and upon replacing it, you’re still greeted with the “Empty Grounds” prompt, simply:

  • Remove your entire drip tray again
  • Remove the grounds container entirely
  • Replace the drip tray into the machine WITHOUT the grounds container being added
  • Allow the machine to reset
  • Before brewing your next cup, make sure you remove the drip tray again and re-add your grounds container.


Jura Empty Drip Tray Error

Now, if your machine is prompting you to “Empty Drip Tray”, and you’ve duly tried to do so and the problem persists, it’s for a good reason. The drip tray is fitted with a sensor, two silver looking receptors, located right at the back of the drip tray. To fix:

  • Remove the drip tray entirely.
  • Wipe down the silver sensors, blow on them to remove any lodged coffee grounds or dirt, and replace.

These sensors ensure that no coffee grounds or other debris is left behind in the machine, thus avoiding the chance of the machine becoming damaged. While it’s a great preventative fail-safe, it can cause this issue, but the fix is as easy as can be.

Let us know if you’d like to hear any other Jura troubleshooting tips and tricks!

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