wmf 1500 vs jura giga 5

WMF 1500 vs Jura GIGA 5 – When Only the Best Will Do

WMF 1500 vs Jura GIGA 5 – When Only the Best Will Do

When quality trumps quantity – but you don’t really want to lose out on quantity either – you have a choice. Either fork out thousands upon thousands for multiple quality machines, or get the biggest and best variants of those machines for less.

The Jura GIGA 5 is one of the sleekest and most technologically advanced of the GIGA range, while the WMF 1500 is the best in its own brand and category when compared directly.


WMF 1500 Overview

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The WMF 1500 features multiple bean hoppers, and can make each and every drink to a tailored size. Also, the size is not the only variable setting here – you can adjust each and every drink to be as strong or weak as you like!

What makes the WMF 1500 really stand out, though? It’s one of the first automatic coffee machines to have the capability to make hot chocolate!

WMF 1500 Price – R 155 000.00


Jura GIGA 5 Overview

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“GIGA 5 sets a new standard in performance, aesthetics and perfection for the coffee machine segment. Professional technology has found its way into the homes of people who demand the highest standards. With the power of two grinders, two heating systems and two pumps the machine produces two coffee specialities at once, providing an unprecedented range of specialities and fulfilling the coffee lover’s every dream.”

 Jura GIGA 5 Price – R 55 000.00

WMF 1500 vs Jura GIGA 5

Water Tank

  • The WMF can only be plumbed in.
  • The GIGA 5 comes with a 2.6l water tank

Bean Hopper

  • The WMF has a 650g bean hopper
  • The GIGA 5 has TWO 280g bean hoppers

Milk-Based Drinks


  • The WMF has the Dynamic Milk System- which is not even in the same league as the Jura Professional Fine Foam Frother. WMF creates superior milk in three consistencies – and you’ll probably never find this kind of feature in any other machine.
  • The GIGA 5 does have a nifty feature, however; it changes over from milk to milk foam without any manual input.


  • The WMF goes for R 155 000.00
  • The GIGA 5 goes for R 55 000.00

Area of Application

  • Both of these machines are suited to large corporates, with daily use in excess of 50 cups daily.
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