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WMF Coffee Machines Range: All the Models Discussed

“Bean There.” I love punny jokes, but I also love Espresso. And a great filter coffee, too. That devilish little shot of energy and happiness that gives you the turbo kick of a Porsche, with the input requirements of a Smart Car.  If that’s not a sign of how far science has advanced, then what is? And what better way to ponder thoughts like these than with a fresh cup of your favourite. This is your comprehensive guide to the WMF Espresso Range (I love that – phonetically, “WMF” sounds similar to the sound one makes whilst taking that first necessary gulp of caffeinated happiness in the morning.)

Bean-to-Cup Range:

WMF 8000 S Range:

wmf800The Big Daddy of the Bean-to-Cup range! If you are a coffee specialist are considering nothing but the absolute best, let me introduce the two of you. This stunner has won a design award, which says a lot about a coffee machine. It features two grinders and two hoppers, giving you the freedom to create, blend and brew anything your imagination can muster up.  The optional light that can be placed under each hopper not only looks stylish, but serves a functional purpose by lighting up when the hopper in question needs to be filled. The active milk version allows for automated preparation of foamed drinks – hot or cold.

WMF 2000 S Range:wmf2000

The Big Boy of the WMF Bean-to-Cup game; you want it all and you want it NOW. Four variations of this high end machine allow for options between: two grinders, two grinders and a chocolate hopper, two grinders, a chocolate hopper, steam wand and foamer as well as the last option of two grinders, a chocolate hopper, milk foamer for hot and cold milk and milk foam. Whew. It’s an all-in-one solution that takes less time to consider than it does to brew a cup of coffee. By the way, it can brew an average of 200 cups per hour.

WMF 1500 S Range:wmf1500

This pretty little thing is available with the Basic Milk or Easy Milk systems, as well as the Basic Steam System. Holding up to three canisters, your options are vast and varied. It features 8 beverage buttons on 6 separate levels – meaning you can create up to 48 drink variations. If you manage to muster up a blend that is out-of-this-world, you can even store said preference in the machine. Hello, the Future!

WMF 1200 S Range:wmf1200

The WMF 1200 coffee machine range is classy, stylish and compact and has some exceptional features. In our related Esprecious article, we laid out the benefits of having a dual canister coffee machine. The WMF 1200 range boasts a 4l canister and a bean grinder with holding capacity of 500g. The German beauty is capable of producing Espresso’s,  Café Crème, Cappuccino, Café Latte, Latte Macchiato and even Milk Choc and Chociatto. A creative coffee connoisseurs dream! This coffee machine can cater for larger groups and has a production capacity of 100 cups per hour.

WMF 1000 S Range:wmf1000

Your semi-professional solution, this sweet little thing has some very, very unique “perks”. It features an impressive WMF Silence System; this means that while you wait in anticipation for your cup of happiness, you need not bear with the terrible sounds associated with normal coffee brewing.  Although this happy-medium Espresso machine might not boast the features of separate external canisters for beans and instant’s, it does allow for the average small-to-medium sized business to have quality, German engineered coffee at their beck and call at any time of day. Also, when you switch this machine off, it actually switches OFF and not into energy-saving mode. I hear a sigh of relief form an energy provider we shall not name.

WMF 900 S Range:wmf900

The wee little baby of the WMF Coffee Machine Range, we consider this little work of art is best suited to your smaller complement of users. The quality of this machine is not only visible, but tangible. The finish is exceptional and from first glance, the black sensor field allows for touch-screen technology and may significantly reduce your maintenance costs in that it eliminates the need to replace damaged buttons etc. Although it’s smaller, throw caution to the wind and rest assured knowing that no detail has been overlooked and no quality compromised.

Filter Coffee  Range:

WMF Programat GV:

The exceptional, gobsmacking, amazing Programat GV produces a maximum output of 1000 (one thousand, no accidental extra 0’s there) cups of filter coffee per hour. Please, pick your jaw up off the ground; we don’t want you getting hurt! Automatic repeat brewing helps you achieve this exorbitant number of cups per hour; the two ground coffee containers, two plugs and brewing pre-selection (which allows you to choose from as little as 1.5l up to a maximum of 100 litres) also aids and abets the cause. A perfect solution for high-turnover area’s where filter coffee needs to move as fast Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

WMF Combination F:

Two variations in colour of this filter coffee machine aesthetically please even the toughest of customers. A production capacity of 500 cups per hour is no small feat, which means the additional granulate cleaning system (automatic cleaning mechanism of the machine which functions irrespective of whether the machine is on or off) will assist you in the upkeep and running of your beloved WMF. Automatic repeat brewing, as with the Programat GC, assists in keeping the production line moving.

WMF Cafemat:

200 cups output capabilities of some fine and fresh filter coffee, this clear and cool designed machine has interchangeable and optional extra external canisters.

WMF Presto! F:

The German filter-coffee machine baby can produce up to 150 cups per hour and is the little brother to the WMF Cafemat. No compromise on style, quality or functionality here!

The End (of the debate, not the world)

Each machine listed above is dishwasher safe, most contain heated shelf floors (keeping a cup you may have lost track of hot for longer), exceptional output capabilities in terms of cups per hour and every last coffee WMF coffee machine carries the German quality stamp of excellence. Add on accessories to personalise your machine even further. Timer functionality ensures you never over-brew your blend, nor will you burn down the house. A Fixed water supply means you don’t have to worry about running out of your external water source mid-way through your creative outburst , or delaying serving a client their much desired cuppa. The choices lay in your hands as to what suits your business or personal requirements best. Not only will one of these machines provide you with incredible coffee, they add a stylish element to any home, office or business and add an air of class and quality.


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