The Best Coffee Machine for Your Home

The Best Coffee Machine for Your Home

If you’ve grown tired of using a kettle for an instant coffee cuppa in the morning, it may be time to consider an upgrade, in order to provide you and your family with a wider selection of choices. Some call it self care, others just basic consideration, but it’s in the little things that we find the most joy, and perhaps, if your morning started with a cappuccino rather than a scoop of instant coffee, you may well find your day starting off on a better foot than usual. Let’s explore this, and how to go about finding the best coffee machine for your home.

Why a Home Coffee Machine is Great

A home coffee machine is great because it offers you the same amount of options as visiting your local coffee shop around the corner. Only thing is, it gives you what you want at a fraction of the price. Sure, it may be a costly experience upfront (although, that said, there are places where you can rent coffee machines these days), but in the long run you’ll have made an investment that pays itself off with each click of a button. 

Costs aside, there is also time efficiency (something that is a valuable currency these days) to consider, and having a home machine that is tailored to your lifestyle, will save you some time in the morning, increasing productivity, as well as adding overall enjoyment with the process. The “wow factor” of being able to offer your guests a barista-style coffee when they visit your home is another plus, and you can also start looking at your coffee making skills as somewhat of a learning experience. Many people who have delved into the world of coffee making at home, end up with fancy sets of coffee pods and with a series of “how to” videos on their Youtube watch history. Personal development is never a bad thing, so why not make something you love and enjoy each day, a part of that?

Types of Coffee Machines to Consider

Home coffee machines come in a range of shapes, sizes and colours. It’s important to figure out exactly what is going to work best for you. Consider your lifestyle, the amount of coffee drinkers in the household, and also make a note of what everyone enjoys (this is always important) before making any kind of a decision or change. The options to have a look at, include fully automatic machines, which give you coffee at a click of a button or filter coffee machines, which are not as fancy but still get the job done. Both have their pros and cons, with the former being more expensive as a whole, and also providing you with more freedom of choice with regards to range and product options. However, it’s worth noting that modern technology has meant that filter coffee machines are no longer generally considered as “sub par”, and you may well be surprised by the amount of options out there. 

Where To Find Your Next Coffee Machine

All said and done, you may be wondering where to start the hunt for your next machine. The end of the year is approaching, and budgets are becoming increasingly tight, ahead of the Christmas season. You may want to consider a “test drive” with a type of coffee machine, before setting your sights on buying one, or adding it to your list for Santa this year. Aquaspresso, based in Johannesburg, provides a wide range of coffee machines for your to rent or buy, providing peace of mind about a specific product before you settle on it being the right one for your home. Regardless of your choice of machine, you’re entering a new world of coffee making, which will not only bring you greater happiness in the long run, but add a social element to the coffee making process, bringing you closer with your friends and family as a result. Enjoy the journey!

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