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Coffee Machine Rentals: Managed Solutions

Great you’ve decided to rent a coffee machine. But unfortunately your decisions aren’t over. You still need to select which is the right rental solution for you.

Coffee Machine rentals are basically divided into 3 main categories :

  • Fully Out-sourced Rentals
  • Shared Managed Solutions
  • Rent-To-Own Plans

Fully Outsourced Solutions:

On this plan you, the client, are required to do the least amount of work and the coffee machine provider pretty much does everything. Everything pretty much means that the coffee company will

  • Install the machines at no cost
  • Fill your machines for you – usually by having someone permanently on site
  • Service and Maintain the coffee machine s
  • Clean the Machines for you

Because there are a lot of services included on a fully outsourced solution, it is the most expensive of the rental options but if you are limited in your filling and cleaning capabilities then this might be the option for you

Shared Managed Solution:

On the shared managed rental plan you get all the services of the fully outsourced rental plan but it excludes a permanent person on site which can drop the cost quite substantially but it does mean that filling and cleaning the machine is the customers obligation. This is a great option if you have a permanent tea lady that can take care of these tasks and can therefore take advantage of the lower price compared to the fully managed solution

Rent-to-Own Option:

The rent to own option is well suited to smaller customers where the consumption is relatively low meaning free maintenance and servicing will not be very crucial due to the low usage and therefore low impact on the coffee machine. One must take into account that at the end of the rent to own period the coffee machine is often not worth all that much and might start to need more care and maintenance than earlier in its life

All these coffee machine rental options are available in Johanewsburg, cape Town and Durban.

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