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Taste Winner: Coffee Machines vs. Coffee Sachets

Coffee enthusiasts will know all too well how often the age old debate about the best tasting coffee comes up in conversation. With so many options to choose from (each of which we’ll touch on in just a moment), the mentality often revolves around instant coffee offering a worse taste experience than some of the other types. Take coffee sachets, for example. Known for giving a quick fix, they tend to take a bit of heat relative to brewing a cup directly from a coffee machine. Let’s explore this a bit more today, in a bid to create an open dialogue about which provides the better benefits, and taste. 

The Many Coffee Choices At Our Disposal in 2020

We have so many ways to enjoy a cup of coffee in 2020, including utilising coffee machines/grinders at home or work, pods/capsules, sachets, variations of instant, as well as buying from a barista at a local coffee shop or restaurant. Each of these types come with their own share of pros and cons, and are suitable to varying lifestyles across the world. Some futurists argue that coffee capsules (as in tablets, not the Nespresso you may be thinking of) may also rise in popularity as the world goes into a more minimalistic route in future. One thing is for sure – coffee is here to stay, regardless of the form it may end up taking as the world changes over time!

Coffee Sachets and the On The Go Lifestyle

Coffee sachets may be seen as a typically “cheap” way to get your coffee fix, but these should not be discredited relative to the other types. For people who are on the go a lot (who isn’t these days?) it provides a quick, efficient alternative that you can carry around with you wherever your day may take you. Sachets also come with the added benefits of staying fresh in the long term, which helps if you buy them in bulk and stock up for the months ahead. Two other considerations to make include that the drinker may grow tired of them over time, and they usually come with quite a bit of sugar (depending on the brand), which can have adverse effects on weight and health in the long run. 

Coffee Machines and the Benefits They Bring To The Table

Coffee machines provide a completely different coffee drinking experience, especially as they tend to provide a diverse range of choices, and often even have options for speciality drinks you cannot get from a sachet alone. While getting a cup from a coffee machine may not be as “on the go” and readily available as carrying a sachet in your purse or backpack, modern machines are geared and typically only take a minute or two to brew. When utilising a coffee machine, you’re never skimping on quality, especially when it comes to adding milk to your cup. Most coffee machines don’t use powdered milk, which is somewhat of a staple on some of the coffee sachets sold in supermarkets today. 

What Matters at the End of the Day

Today is not about crowning a winner between these two coffee types, but rather reminding you that both can work depending on the lifestyle of the consumer. What matters at the end of the day, is finding what works best for the way you live, your taste preference, and also how much of your budget you’re willing to spend on your coffee fix in a given month. If you’d like to learn more about some of the coffee machines on the market, or if you have a question about any of the types of coffee mentioned in the article, Aquaspresso is a good port of all. You may even end up with a great deal for a new machine in the process. 

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