Office Coffee Service – Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out

Office Coffee Service – Make Sure You’re Not Missing Out

If you’re an office space that makes use of a coffee machine, how sure are you that you’re not missing out? You might be getting some of the most amazing coffee and your rental price for that coffee machine could be quite low – but is that where it begins and ends?

Coffee Mahcine Rentals – What Is Included?

Have you scoured your coffee machine contract thoroughly? Some things you should be looking for when signing onto a rental agreement with any kind of office coffee solution supplier, are along the lines of “added extras”.

It can be difficult to decipher what is considered a luxury add-on, and what is considered a necessity in terms of having a hassle-free agreement with your supplier – one that keeps you happy.

The standard is that your coffee solution supplier will offer you a rental option that includes the monthly rental amount of the coffee machine you’ll be using – as well as a certain, set amount of coffee product which you’ll be expected to use in the month-to-month arrangement. Most suppliers will allow for a subsidized coffee machine solution rental if you can meet the minimum monthly requirement of using their product.

The extras we mentioned earlier would include things like servicing of the coffee machine, backup support (telephonic assistance for smaller issues which can be resolved without requiring a call-out), machine swap-outs if the machine is faulty or requires replacement – and lastly – exchanging the coffee machine if it (at any stage) needs to be upgraded or downgraded.

Why Are Extended Office Coffee Services So Important?

You might think that the three aspects I’ve just mentioned as extras are just that – extras.

Consider that if you have been signed up into any length rental agreement – whether it be one month, three months, one year or three years – your circumstances could (unfortunately, or fortunately) change overnight.

Your staff complement may expand to such a point that the coffee machine that ticked every single box three months ago – is simply not going to be able to satisfy your needs down the line.

Inversely, you might think that the coffee machine you signed up for isn’t actually what you’re looking for.

That’s why another important aspect to consider if if the supplier of your office coffee solution offers you a trial period. A trial period is usually anything ranging from 7 days – all the way through to one month. This allows you – the user – to add the new coffee machine feature to your office space and see how well it satisfies your needs. During this period, it’s normal for you to pay for the coffee product you’ve used, and not pay rental on the coffee machine.

You end up having a real chance to see how the staff react to it, whether you’d need a bigger or smaller (or entirely different) solution to that which you’ve signed up for. It allows for cancellation with reasonable notice, without you having to be stuck with a “solution” that does little short of being a hindrance to you.

Whether you need a coffee machine for your office, canteen, teachers room, pause area or lunch room – we not only advise – but beg you to follow these important steps:

1) Look at the various options of coffee machine available – and what you believe will satisfy your needs.

2) Get quotes from a couple of suppliers and scrutinize the rental agreement options they offer. Ensure you’re not signing up immediately for along-term rental agreement before you’ve had a chance to test it out.

3) Get that coffee machine into the space you’ll be using it – and get as much feedback from your staff as possible. Test the coffee machine out yourself, as well, to see that it’s giving you what you expect and need from your coffee solution.

4) Take note of any hassles the machine (or the supplier) may have arise during your trial period. A great example of this is if you opted for a drip coffee machine, and the coffee ends up not being drunk, if the machine does not make the coffee properly – or if your supplier refuses to assist when concerns are raised – this should sound alarm bells.

5) Make sure YOU are happy. There is no harm, nor shame, in requesting a different machine, a swap out, a bigger or even a smaller machine. This decision is about you and your needs – not the supplier.

In short – try it out, make sure you love the coffee machine, make sure you’re happy with the level of service you receive and make sure the solution fits your needs.

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