The Ultimate Guide to the Best Home Coffee Machine Retailers

The Ultimate Guide to the Best Home Coffee Machine Retailers

Home coffee machines are undeniably one of the largest markets to date. Owning a coffee machine in your home is no longer out of our reach or unaffordable; it adds a quality to our living space that is hard to match, and a level of convenience that has become a bit of a necessity.

But when it comes to brands, we are often misled or left in the dark as to which brand suits our needs most. We have already discussed the various types of coffee machines that are tailored to fit nicely into our home environments, but we have decided to take on the “retailer” selection advice in an entirely new piece.

We appreciate the variety that physically going into a store can offer, but sometimes it’s overwhelming; and because sales consultants are trained to perform their job well – that is, sales – they are not always as clued up as we’d like them to be in terms of knowing which coffee machine will suit us best.

This will help you determine which type of machine to choose, and from there, your in-store-selection should be a breeze!

Home Coffee Machines – Best Entry Level Coffee Machines

Because we understand that economically, times are tough at present, we’ll be focussing our search around budget-friendly and more entry level type machines. We’ll expand on the upper-end of home coffee machines in a later post 🙂

Hirsch Coffee Machines

Hirsch’s Homestore has gained insane notoriety with being the go-to store for upper-end home coffee machines. We love their range of Bean-to-Cup home coffee machines, but they offer a range of Filter Coffee Machines from as low as R 300.00, capsule machines come in from around R 1 350.00 and we start to see bean-to-cup machines making an appearance around the R 2 500.00 mark. Remember to look for a free-standing electric milk frother in cases where your bean-to-cup coffee machine has a limited functionality (such as bean-to-cup filter machines), if you’re going to want to indulge in some cappuccino’s. If you want to splurge, Hirsch’s Bean-to-Cup range extends all the way up to

R 20 000.00.

Makro Coffee Machines

Makro might well be one of South Africa’s biggest retailers of electronic appliances, without exception to coffee machines. A nice feature is their online-specials, something you might want to keep an eye out for when bargain-hunting. Their range includes filter coffee machines, bean-to-cup machines and of course the higher-end automatic coffee machines. Their online delivery won’t hurt either!

Game Coffee Machines

Game has a limited online coffee machine selection, but may offer more in-store. Their range includes filter coffee machines as well as some capsule coffee machines, but we’d suggest perhaps considering their partner-store, Din Wired, for more upper-end of better output coffee machines. If you’re looking for a killer filter coffee machine price though, their R 250.00 Sunbeam Filter Coffee machine might be right up your alley!

Hi-Fi Corp Coffee Machines

Another appliance-heavy store, Hi-Fi Corp’s coffee machine offering is a bit isolated. They offer some great accessories for coffee machines, like free-standing coffee bean grinders etc., but if you’re looking for an investment piece (as opposed to a quick filter coffee machine) – consider broadening your search or moving it to a more specialised electronics outlet store.

However, if you’re looking for a machine that carries functionality and price hand-in-hand, they’re selling a Mellerware Modena Coffee Maker, a bean-to-cup filter machine solution, for a steal at less than R 1 000.00!

Dion Wired Coffee Machines

As we previously mentioned, Dion Wired is the “sister store” to Game, and is a great choice if you are someone who appreciates a wide range to pick and choose from. They are one of the few stores to sell free-standing burr grinders, which any coffee lover will appreciate. Their accessory range is almost as extensive as their coffee maker range, so whether you’re on a budget of R 300.00 for a filter coffee machine, or looking to splurge on a SMEG Brand, built-in coffee machine for R 22 000.00, put some comfy shoes on before you head out to this store.

Checkers Coffee Machines

Checker’s slogan of “better and better” has seen the birth and popularity rise of their range of appliances – namely the Platinum range exclusive to Checkers. This range brings us appliances we could previously not afford, in a neatly packaged, affordable option. Yes, the quality is not going to beat established brans like SMEG or Whirlpool, but a bargain is what you’ll find in the aisles of this store. Their Platinum 3-in-1 Coffee Maker is their top-of-the-range coffee machine offers filter coffee, a porta-filter for freshly ground beans to be brewed at a higher bar pressure, along with a steam wand for beautiful home-made cappuccino’s. If you’re someone who appreciates the art of making coffee as much as drinking it, why not consider this machine? It’s a steal online and in store!

Takealot Coffee Machines

Let’s just pretend we DON’T know every single coffee maker special on at the moment, because, no , we don’t spend 90% of our workday on that site. offers an impressive range off coffee machines, also with daily specials and reduced prices. If you’ve accumulated some eBucks, you’ll be glad to know you can use them towards your online coffee maker purchase here! They are one of the few local retailers to offer the Aeropress online, a coffee maker solution for coffee purists who love their Espresso, but don’t necessarily need the hassle of a full-on coffee machine. Capsule solutions, accessories, filter machines – all the way up to bean-to-cup machines can all be found online.

Aquaspresso Coffee Machines – Aquazania Coffee Machines

We don’t mind living in the limelight of the name associated with some of the best quality water out there; Aquaspresso offers home, office and restaurant coffee machine solutions., Our range includes filter coffee machines, capsule coffee machines, as well as our favourite bean-to-cup coffee machines. Our coffee machine offerings also include product, depending on the rental agreement you choose, but the addition of a monthly product to your rental can often pay for the rental amount itself.

Have we left anybody out? If you feel a retailer deserves to be on this list, give us a shout and we’ll add it on 🙂

We’d love to hear how you found and fell in love with your perfect coffee machine solution.

Let us know!


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