Caffitaly Capsules South Africa – The Open System We Should Know About

Caffitaly Capsules South Africa – The Open System We Should Know About

The arrival of the capsule coffee machine in our homes and workplaces has made life exponentially more convenient – and tasty. The ultimate convenience in a cup of coffee come packaged in a neat little box, and packs the punch you need.
It’s interesting to note that the worlds very first ban on coffee pods has come about – and for good reason.

The ban was instituted in a German city, because the recycling of coffee pods has become more of a nuisance to the city than what they’re worth. See, the actual cups which hold the product are a terrible combination of plastic and aluminium – which cannot be recycled in “one easy step”. Thus, landfills are turning into coffee pod mountains.

But what if I told you there was a way around this – that you can enjoy your beloved capsule coffee and help protect the environment?

Caffitaly Capsules South Africa– Open System

It’s important to understand what an open system is before we start wading through the advantages and disadvantages of it. If you were to, for example, purchase a Nescafé Capsule machine, you would likely be restricted to using only Nespresso Coffee Capsules inside the machine. It makes sense – your machine is designed to fit a certain sized product and that cannot change. That is what we call a “closed” system.
Inversely, some other types of capsule coffee machines have an open system – they have a standard sized capsule slot, into which many compatible brands can fit.

Caffitaly is one of those coffee capsule brands which offers this.

Where Can You Buy Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Capsules?

Ecaffé Coffee Capsules – Pricecheck

Ecaffé Coffee Capsules – Italian Lifestyle

Ecaffé Coffee Capsules –

Ecaffé Coffee Capsules – Italian

Cagliari Coffee Capsules – Aquaspresso

Some other Caffitaly compatible coffee capsules include the following – which might be a bit difficult to source locally.

But we know our coffee lovers enjoy travel, too, so if you’re abroad and get your hands on these – know it’s a safe bet for your Caffitaly compatible capsule coffee machine!

Le Sinfonie CremCaffè Capsules

Julius Meinl Capsules

Tchibo Coffee Capsules

Chicco d’Oro Coffee Capsules

If you’re not averse to online ordering and don’t mind a bit of await – check out this site to order all your Caffitaly Compatible Coffee Capsules online!

Do you find an open capsule coffee system to be more useful – or do you prefer the exclusivity acquired when using a closed-system capsule coffee machine?


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